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Calendar of curling events
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This is a calendar of local and external curling events that are of interest and importance to the members of the Hudson Legion Curling Club for the 2017-2018 season.

This calendar should contain all the curling events that are planned to take place at the Hudson Legion. It was last updated in November 19, 2017.

Also, please note that this calendar shows the aggregate information about several different categories of events. To choose which events you would like to see and which ones should be hidden please click on the little triangle icon next to the word “Agenda”. This will then display a list of events which make up this calendar.

Here are some tips on how to use it:

  1. by clicking on the “Week” tab or the “Month” tab you can choose if you would like to see the calendar one week at a time or one month at a time
  2. you can also print out the calendar on your own printer. Here is how:
    - choose the “Week” view or the “Month” view
    - click on the printer icon.
    - a new window will appear giving you some choices to make such as:
       Print range - enter a specific start and end dates or the number of weeks or months
       Font size - we recommend “Small” or “Smaller” to get more information printed
       Orientation - whether the information should be printed in portrait or landscape orientation
       Show events you have declined - not applicable to our calendars
       Black and white - select this option if you do not wish to print in color
    - click on the Print button and the calendar should start printing
  3. if you would like to save a copy of the calendar in electronic format as a PDF file instead of printing it then that is also possible. To make a PDF copy of the calendar, follow the same steps as if you were printing the calendar as described in part 2 above but at the last step, instead of clicking on the Print button, click on the Save as button. Google will first generate the file and then it will ask you if you would like just Open it or Save it. Choose the Save option and change the name of the file if you wish and a few moments later you will have a copy of the calendar on your computer.